Before Bed

My son Levi is three and a half years old, and his development is happening so fast right now, I feel the urgent need to write things down before I forget them.

Tonight before bed, I was reading him a book about T-Rex. The book suggests that T-Rex might have been warm blooded but nobody really knows (yet). I asked him if he wanted to become a paleontologist and find out. Instead of answering, he stuck out his lip and tried to hold back tears, saying:

I don’t wanna grow up and be paleontologist dada. I just wanna stay a kid. I miss being a kid. I miss it dada.

I felt such sympathy for him at that moment, all the crying and screaming he did during the day just melted away. He is realizing that he is growing up, and changing quickly. I can’t believe he’s only three and a half and already conscious of his fleeting childhood. I mean, in a lot of ways, he’s still a baby!

He’s just past the half-way mark of three years old, and he’s growing fast. His little sister (two months old) is forcing him to see life differently, very quickly. I’m looking forward to what happens next.